Medical Pediatrician Ear Piercing Services in Blacksburg, Va

Trusted care that ensures your child’s ear piercing procedure is done safely and with sterile equipment

Many parents prefer to have their child’s ears pierced. At New Beginnings Pediatrics, we are pleased to offer medical ear piercing in our Blacksburg, VA office for babies 6-12 months and children 5 years and older. Having your child’s ears pierced by a trusted pediatrician ensures the procedure is done safely and with sterile equipment. Following a medical ear piercing, it is important that you keep your child’s earrings in the ears for twelve weeks, and regularly clean the affected areas. Our team of trusted pediatricians is here to ensure your child’s piercing goes as quickly and smoothly as possible and to answer any questions you may have.

What to Expect

Dr. Kozar will walk you through the process and explain the ear piercing system she uses. She will clean and mark the ears prior to piercing. To prevent irritation or allergic reactions, all of our earrings are high quality individually sterilely wrapped, medical-grade titanium or plastic

After-Care for Medical Ear Piercings

Following a medical ear piercing, Dr. Kozar at New Beginnings Pediatrics will walk you through after-care instructions and the next steps. It is crucial that you keep your baby’s earrings in the ears for twelve weeks, and regularly clean the affected areas. Below are some more after-care tips for your baby:

  • Do not touch the earrings unless you are cleaning them
  • Rotate the earrings after each cleaning
  • Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to clean the piercing sites 2 times per day
  • Be on the lookout for pain, redness or swelling, as these are signs of infection

If you have any questions or concerns following your child’s medical ear piercing, call us at (540) 739-3623.


Everyone is so friendly and we feel valued, informed, and confident that our child has the best care possible.
– Robbie G.

Excellent care and knowledge…. you will not be disappointed if you choose these care providers for your children.
– Shannon V. 

Love all of the pediatricians there. They are professional, have wonderful bedside manner, quick and always have an answer for me. The nurses there are wonderful as well.
– C.V.


*Prior medical and immunization records must be received in our office and reviewed by our physicians prior to scheduling.

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