Sports Physicals for Children in Blacksburg, VA

Medical examinations to determine whether it is safe for your child to participate in a sport, activity, new school or camp

At New Beginnings Pediatrics, we offer both school and sports physicals to children and teens in the Blacksburg area. A school physical allows children to enroll in public or private schools. These physicals include an up-to-date immunization record and provide medical instructions for children with severe, life-threatening allergies or special medical conditions.

Sports physicals are medical examinations that help determine whether it is safe for your child to participate in a sport, activity, or camp. Most high school sports require that teens have an up-to-date sports physical before they can participate in their competitive seasons.

What to Expect During Your Child’s Physical

In order to ensure that your pediatrician can understand and evaluate the full medical condition of your child, they will ask about the following health conditions:

  • Any prior fractures or sprains
  • Fainting
  • Asthma (or asthma as a result of exercise)
  • Concussions screening
  • Current medications and prescriptions

Once our team at New Beginnings Pediatrics understands your child’s medical history, we will then perform a series of tests, including:

  • Height and weight
  • Posture and flexibility
  • Irregular heartbeat or heart murmurs
  • Blood pressure
  • Breathing and respiration
  • Abdomen checks
  • Muscle strength

Why Physicals Are Important

Physicals not only ensure your child can enroll in school and sports activities, but also identify any underlying health problems or conditions. If an underlying health condition is detected during your child’s physical exam, our team here at New Beginnings Pediatrics will diagnose the issue and develop a treatment plan so that your child can participate in sports and other activities safely.

If your child is injured while playing a sport or participating in physical activity, we will diagnose the injury and refer you to the appropriate medical professional for further evaluation and treatment.

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Excellent care and knowledge…. you will not be disappointed if you choose these care providers for your children.
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Love all of the pediatricians there. They are professional, have wonderful bedside manner, quick and always have an answer for me. The nurses there are wonderful as well.
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*Prior medical and immunization records must be received in our office and reviewed by our physicians prior to scheduling.

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